Rice doesn’t care about the news and is determined to do his best work enough

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West Ham midfielder Declan Rice has ignore reports about himself and is determine to do his best for the team.

         The 23-year-old has revealed he has been heavily criticize over reports the ufabet club want £150m to sell. As for the future, the media is constantly link with big clubs. Especially Manchester United and Chelsea, with Rice revealing. That he doesn’t care about anything and is only committe to doing his best for the team.

         “I think a very good performance with speculation,” Rice said. “I had two or three great seasons with West Ham and top clubs across the country are always watching. Not just me, as well as the players. everyone”

         “I think it’s important not to worry too much about them. We had a good season with West Ham and had a lot of big games. I had to play so I felt my commitment was with that. If I miss something else I would be distract. And that would be unfair for the club and the manager.”

         “I can’t do anything with speculations. Even the numbers are being talke about. I’m constantly being attacked on social media, but I can’t do anything. I can only perform on the pitch and do the best I can.”