Mourinho praises Roma players

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Roma manager Jose Mourinho has praised the team’s performance. After attacking Atalanta in the latest match

Wolves thrashed Atalanta 4-1 in Serie A on Saturday, leaving Giallorossi fifth behind the Champions League spots after playing. 18 shots ufabet

“The team spirit is amazing. The players clearly knew against Atalanta. That you couldn’t control the game for 90 minutes and they had to go deep in a lot of situations.

“The team is great in every way, the referees are great. Because of Atalanta’s play that is fierce and emphasizes strength We need judges at this level and with experience.

“We did well with duels in the box. aware of the danger And then blocking a better move out of the defence, we did everything well.

“I don’t want to talk about Inter because for me. They are on a superior level than any other team in Serie A, but facing teams like Atalanta, Milan, Napoli, it’s not enough just to deal with tactical or physical aggression. you want every perfectly”

Duvan Zapata had an equalizer ruled out due to Jose Luis Palomino’s offside and that was all Jose Mourinho ‘s visitors needed to motivate them to kill off Atalanta with Smalling and Abraham’s second goals following the canceled leveler.