Martinelli talks about young team Arsenal but is very strong

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Arsenal forward Gabriel Martinelli has insisted that the Gunners are a very strong youngster following their 4-1 win over Leeds United in the top four firmly.

The Brazilian star who scored two goals in this game said: “It was a very good result. It’s important for the team. The whole team played well. And we are very happy with the work. and the results of the competition”

“That’s what Mikel (Arteta) asks of us, every time we go into the last area we are in danger.”

“As I always said. We are a young team But it’s a very strong team with good players. Emile (Smith Rowe) came from the bench. and score another goal I am very happy with the team.”

“It was a great pass from Granit (Shaka), thanks to him too. (Second goal) Not only me, everyone in the team enjoyed the second goal.

Martinelli also spoke about playing with Alexandre Lacazette, saying: “He always has a centre-back. And I had the opportunity coming in. We did well.”

On his second goal, he added: “It was a great pass from Granit [Xhaka] – thanks to him as well. Not just me, the whole team enjoyed the second goal.”

On his partnership with Alexandre Lacazette, Martinelli also said: “He always attracted the centre-back and I had the chance to go in behind. We’re doing well.”