Chelsea disappointed Premier League rejected request

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Chelsea have confirmed a request for the Premier League to consider postponing Sunday’s visit to Wolves due to coronavirus concerns. But was reject back.

The Premier League game at Molineux Stadium between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Chelsea will continue to kick in as usual, at 2pm English time (or 21.00 Thai time) on Sunday, December 19 Chelsea released a statement confirming their disappointment. 

After receiving a denial from the Premier League by the lion navy blue Submit a letter requesting. That the ufabet game be postponed. After facing problems with players infected with COVID-19 News reports indicate that at this time Chelsea found a player infected with Covid-19. Five men were include during the week.

Including Romelu Lukaku, Timo Werner, Callum Hudson-Odoi, and further reports have emerged of new cases. That it is not yet in the range that the game has to be postpone. Which will be consider on a case by case basis. The Premier League has allow up to five games to be postpone on Saturday.

The last of which will be Aston Villa vs Burnley, announced just two hours before the start of the game. And on Sunday, another matchup, Everton v Leicester, will play at the same time as the game at Molineux.