Bonucci encourages the team to have a solid attitude

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Leonardo Bonucci, the Juventus defender came out to poke every. The team said to maintain a good attitude. and see that the past victories are very important

Juventus won 2-0 at Bologna in Serie A on Saturday, leaving the Bianconeri in sixth place with 31 points from 18 games.

“We always say that we have to focus on ourselves. because when we go on the field with this attitude With sacrifice, determination and technique, then we can win these results.

“Of course, we cannot lose an advantage over the team that is ahead of us. And this is an important victory.

“Attitude is what we have in other ufabet games. But the problem is that we don’t have continuity. We had that in half the game and then it was gone.

“I’m seeing great things from everyone. Bernardeschi And another great result, Morata has already scored after a hard time before. Keane is working hard on the wing.

“It is normal that goals are like oxygen for a striker. So his morale dropped when he couldn’t score, but Alvaro has to remember that the team has always supported him.

It is an important weekend for Juve, because Atalanta lost at home to Roma, allowing them to close the gap on the top four.